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Siminov SKS rifle

The Siminov SKS rifle is a semi-automatic, rimfire rifle. A remnant of the Cold War, it is a very common surplus rifle for sale in Canada. It served as the Soviet Union's main battle rifle for a period of time in the 1950's, but, like the American M-14, it was short lived and replaced with the AK-47.

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Country of Origin: Russia (USSR)
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
Russia, China, Czech Republic
7.62x39mm - available in surplus in Canada
Fire Type:
Semi Automatic 10 round clip, 30 round banana (pegged to 5 in Canada)
Legal Classification*:
Approximate Value:
$150-300 - depends on country of manufacture.
Multiple millions were manufactured in Russia and China. There are millions of these still in existence. Their cheap price and high surplus quantities make them very inexpensive for a deer hunting gun

This semi-automatic carbine was designed by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov in 1945. It is a very popular gun in Canada today. It is available both as army surplus (from Eastern Europe and China) and as newly manufactured Norinco SKS from China. It is largely popular due to the extremely inexpensive ammo from Czech Republic that is currently imported into Canada.

Where to buy

Buy the SKS in Canada. Very soon we will be offering this gun for sale within a very low price range. Canada guns is well on its way to selling this weapon. If you are a dealer of the SKS and would like to place a link on this page, please, by all means, contact us today.


The SKS modified

Brief SKS Review:

For the price, you can't go wrong with this firearm. It is reliable, fun too shoot and surplus ammo is still cheap and plentiful. I cannot stress how much I love the feel of this gun. My only complaint is minor: the stock feels too short for comfortable shooting. I recommend you get a SKS Recoil Pad & Stock Extender in order to enhance the the shooting pleasure of the gun.

SKS Accessories in Canada:

The SKS is a highly customizable rifle due to its popularity. There is a large aftermarket in parts and accessories in Canada. This section will have for sale all sorts of SKS stocks, gizmos, replacement parts for the SKS and many other gun related needs for the Canadian SKS enthusiast.

SKS Ammo

Surplus ammo will be for sale here ASAP


How to load an SKS

The SKS is generally loaded with a stripper clip. How to load a stripper clip into the SKS: place the lip of the stripper clip into the slot on the bolt of an open breach SKS. Push the ammo by placing your finger on the cartridges and pushing down. They should simply pop into the clip. Pull back the bolt and you're done!

Loading a stripper clip into the SKS

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