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Remington 700 Canada

The Remington 700 basically took the most brilliant bolt-action design of all time and made it simpler and more refined. The 700 is, essentially, a revision of the German WW2 rifle the Mauser K98. It was one of the most successful bolt action rifles of war in human history.

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Country of Origin: United States
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
.223 remington and many many others
Fire Type:
Bolt Action
Legal Classification*:
Approximate Value:
700 +
value varies based upon the markings on the gun, date of manufacture and other details.

The 700 is essentially a simplified Mauser intended for mass production. It comes with a variety of chamberings for different calibres. It is one of the highest selling rifles in North American history.

There is a main, vanilla civilian version, a Police Version and a Military version (among others). Since it is a very accurate rifle, it is often used by snipers - both police and military. The Remington SPS Varmit is a great gun for Alberta farmers to keep the prairie clean of pests. In addition, the Model 700 VTR is a rising sniper classic!

Where to buy

Remington 700s for sale. We are working vigorously to ensure that you can buy Remington 700 Rifles in Canada. We want nothing more to be able to buy and sell Remingtons in this space. We can assure you that we are working on it!


The Remington 700 police with bipod

Stripped Rem. in a case in Canada

Tacticool Remingtons in Canada (VTR).

Other Popular Remington Rifles

Below is the short list of all Remington rifles that are available. We would love to make them all available to the Canada public when and where it is legal to do so.

  • Model 7600
  • Model 7615
  • Model 572 Fieldmaster
  • Model 552
  • Model 597: a very popular rimfire option in Canada. Read our article here
  • Model 7400
  • Model 750
  • Model 8/81
  • Model R-15
  • Model R-25
  • SPR 22
  • SPR 18

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