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Norinco Rifles in Canada

A list of Norinco arms

This page is intended for all Norinco firearms in Canada except the M305 (M14) which you can find here. Norinco is a Chinese manufacturer of reproduction arms and they are very popular in Canada.

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Country of Origin: China
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
Fire Type:
various actions
Legal Classification*:

Approximate Value:

This is a page intended for a gun manufacturer in Canada not just a single firearm

Norinco is a manufacturer of mainly reproductions (clones) of different successful fire arms from various manufacturers. They are often known for quality, always known for low prices and often banned in many countries (notably the United States). Many guns are also available from Poly Technologies and other Chinese companies.

Where to buy

We hope to offer Norinco arms for sale in Canada. We will be connecting with distributors as soon as we can.


A Norinco weapon you won't be seeing in Canada.

Complete list of Norinco arms

Not all arms listed below are available in Canada. They have various legal statuses. They are as follows:

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