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Norinco CQ 5.56 in Canada

The Norinco CQ is an assault rifle developed by Norinco, a controversial Chinese industry which produces machineries and military and civilian firearms. The gun is officially known as the CQ 5.56.
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Basically a Chinese imitation of the US M-16 rifle, it never really saw action. It was never used on a large scale by the People’s Liberation Army, and was used only by the Mujaheddin fighters of Afghanistan. Even then, they preferred to use the Soviet AK-47 and its variants.

M-16 Immitation

Although unpopular as a military assault rifle in China itself, its clones are widely used in other countries like Sudan (Terab) and the Philippines (Armada and Trailblazer) probably as alternative to the more expensive American M-16s and M-4s. It has also gained fame among civilians and it is, in fact, being exported to Western countries like Canada and the United States for civilian use. Norinco had had some troubles in the latter when the FBI confirmed through a buy bust operation that the guns were being sold illegally to gangs and drug dealers.

Norinco started the production of the CQ 5.56 in the 1980 and still continues production today.