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Winchester Arms Model 70


The Winchester Model 70 is the most popular firearm made by one of the most popular gun makers. The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt action design that is very accurate and dependable it is Winchester Modeled on the Mauser and the earlier Winchester 54.

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Country of Origin: USA
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
USA, China, etc...
Ammunition: This weapon has been chambered for many different ammos including:
.223 WSSM, .270 WSM,, .225 Winchester, .220 Swift, .243 Winchester, .243 WSSM, .250-3000 Savage, .25-06 Remington, .25 WSSM, .257 Roberts, .264 Winchester Magnum, .270 Winchester, 7mm Mauser, 7 mm Remington Magnum, 7mm WSM, .300 Savage, .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, .300 H&H Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 WSM, .300 RUM, .325 WSM, .338 Winchester Magnum, .35 Remington, .358 Winchester, .22 Hornet,.222 Remington, .22-250 Remington.375 H&H Magnum, and .458 Winchester Magnum.
Fire Type:
Bolt Action
Legal Classification*:
Approximate Value:
depends on year of manufactuire


Winchester is owned by Olin an international company. This winchester rifle has been a popular Winchester Model for many many yeards. The winchester 70 is a very very popular deer hunting gun and will continue to be so well into the future.

Where to buy

We will be your source to buy the winchester Winchester Model 70 . We are a Canadian dealer who will be selling winchester arms new and used in Ontario, And all the other provinces. Winchesters are also common fare at gun shows across the nation.


With a camo stock - desert camo winny 70

we will stock this many wincheters

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