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Tikka T3


There is nothing more we would love to do than to sell you a Tikka T3 rifle from Finland. This line of budget rifles comes from SAKO, Finland;s premier rifle maker. On this page you can read more about Tikka rifles, and hopefully, some day soon, buy them.

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Country of Origin: Finland
Countries of Manufacture:

Fire Type:
bolt action
Legal Classification*:
Approximate Value:


The Tikka T3 is a budget gun from one of the best gun makers in europe. it comes with now bells and whistles. It just get s the job done. This firearm is very accurate and comes in calibres great for deerhunting. Graet, accurate bolt action gun to own. It shoots 3 or 4 MOA with different factory loads of ammunition. Trigger pull is great on this gun and can be reset,

Where to buy

We will be selling this gun to buyers from across Canada. If you are from Calgary or Winnepeg and love to shoot varmit, we will be offering deals for you that are unsurpassed the nation over.

Photos of the Tikka T3

Coming soon

Model Variants of the T3

Below is a list of all models of the Tikka T3 that are available for sale as of June 2010.


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