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Sako Rifles : 85, A7


Sako is a Finnish gunmaker who sell some of the nicest European guns in Canada. They offer and have offered many fine rifles over the years. This page seeks to chronical some of the rifles available. From the Sako 85 to the Sako A7, we discuss them all here

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Country of Origin: Finland
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
Ammunition: .223 and most others

Fire Type:
Legal Classification*:
mostly Non-Restricted

From Edmonton, Alberta to Toronto, Ontario, Sako rifles are sweeping this country by storm. Reknowned Finnish rifles that can finish any kill whether you are hunting or target shooting, These rifles are for you. The A7 is one of the better guns to come out of Europe in a while. Sako make great guns and we look forward to selling them to Canadian customers from all over!

Where to buy

We will be offering this gun as soon as we can overcome some legal wrangles to be able to sell these fine firearms to you. check back often, as I am sure we will be able to offer Sako firearms for sale ASAP!


Complete list of Sako Rifles

Here is a complete list of Sako's currently available new rifles in Canada. They may not all be available at this point in time, but surely you can find out which guns you can get.


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