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Ruger Mini-Thirty (30) Ranch Rifle in Canada

The Ruger Mini-30 rifle is a popular semi-automatic centerfire rifle that fires a very popular cartridge that is currently available all over Canada. Its scaled down size makes it easier to transport and to bring to bear. It is also commonly known as the Ranch Rifle
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Country of Origin: USA
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
Fire Type:
Legal Classification*:


As mentioned above, this rifle is very popular due to its ability to fire surplus ammo from Eastern Europe. Since the end of the cold war, surplus ammo from Eastern Europe has been dumped on the north american market making it a very cheap centrefire cartridge to buy (less than 10 cents per shot often). This makes the Mini-30 a great choice.

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We will be selling the Ruger Mini-30 rifle in Canada as soon as possible, We are a proud dealer of guns and we hope to be able to buy and sell Rugers to Canadians from coast to coast.

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