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The Colt C7 Assault Rifle

The Colt C7 rifle is the main battle rifle of the Canadian armed forces. It is based on the design of the AR-15 and has been modified for the Canadian military.
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Country of Origin: Canada
Countries of Manufacture:
: 5.56 mm NATO
Fire Type:
Semi-Automatic, selective fire
Legal Classification*:

The rifle is used by several world militaries including Denmark. It was previously made by Diemarco Canada, but now is manufactured by Colt Canada.

Buy or Sell

We will likely never be able to offer this gun for sale. It is both a military rifle and is prohibited. Youre best bet for a guy to buy would be the AR-15 from which it is based. The closest firearm you can buy or sell in Canada would be a colt AR-15.


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