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AR-15 Rifles in Canada

The AR-15 is the civilian version of the main American service rifle (the M-16). It has been in active duty since introduction in the Vietnam war. It is one of the most widely known and highly regarded weapons of all time. It was originally developed by Armalite.

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Country of Origin: USA
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
USA, Canada, & others
5.56 NATO / .223 Remington (civilian)
Fire Type:
Semi-Automatic fire
Legal Classification*:
Approximate Value: $
1000 +
The M16 has a burst fire option. The AR15 does not, the AR was the original M-16, but now the AR is largely derived from the M-16

Made mostly of aluminum and synthetics, the AR15 was designed to be durable, reliable and accurate and use a smaller calibre cartridge than previous service rifles. It was a replacement for the M14 which was heavier and had more recoil (due to the larger, higher calibre cartridge). Proponents of the M14 argue that it was more powerful, accurate and better able to penetrate the jungle canopy/undergrowth in Vietnam. Militarily it is highly customizable and can be fitted with a grenade launcher and other accessories.

Where to buy

We will be offering AR-15s at a good price to Canadians as soon as we are able to sell RPAL restricted firearms. We hope to get AR15 rifles to all those who want to buy one as soon as we are capable of it.


Ar-15 with way too much stuff on it

Other variations/relatives of the AR-15

These variations may or may not be available in Canada

  • AR15 A2
  • AR15 A3
  • M4 Commando
  • M-16
  • Bushmaster XM15-E2S

Manufacturers of the AR-15

Many different companies manufacture the AR-15. Some are regarded for higher quality than the others and some have a less expensive price. In the future, we will try to provide a review for each. Below is the complete list of AR-15 makers:

  • Colt
  • ArmaLite Inc
  • Rock River Arms
  • Olympic Arms
  • American Spirit Arms
  • Stag Arms
  • Bushmaster
  • DPMS
  • Wilson Combat
  • L&G Weaponry

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