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Mossberg 100 ATR

The best thing about the Mossberg 100 ATR rifle is its cost. Unlike most of the expensive big game rifles, 100 ATR is reasonably priced. ATR, by the way stands for All Terrain. This rifle is light to carry and it feels comfortable to the hands. Which means, it is also very precise.


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The Mossberg 100 ATR is not a very pretty rifle. But one doesn’t buy a rifle for its beauty, right? It is a very inexpensive gun (at $250 on major supermarkets), very reliable, very user friendly, and, more importantly, very accurate. It is a rifle of superlatives.

With a wide range of features available, the ATR offers models that you will want to buy. The 100 ATR is plentiful in Canada, but with its popularity soaring even higher, you should get one now.