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Once again, Germany proves itself to be one of the world’s best maker of firearms through its famous Heckler and Koch SL-8. It was developed by the internationally-renowned arms-making company way back 1998. Until now, it is still a star among guns.


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The SL-8 is the civilian equivalent of the NATO G36 assault rifle which was the standard weapon of the German and Spanish armies. It was originally developed for training reservists in order for the trainees to have an actual feel of the G36. The SL-8 has a self-loading mechanism (hence the acronym SL) and can be used for hunting small game. It can also be used for para-military training, security and defense use, and practical sports shooting.

For Sale in Canada?

The rifle, which you can buy in Canada, fires the .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge.