Cooey Rifles

Cooey was a Canadian rifle manufacturer that made 12 million + mass produced, utilitarian firearms for Canada.

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Country of Origin: Canada
Year of Origin:
1950, 60s mainly
Countries of Manufacture:
rimfire, centrefire, shotgun
Fire Type:
Legal Classification*:
Approximate Value:


The H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company was based in coburg ontario and was bought out by Winchester in 1961. They were completely shut down in 1979. Today their guns still enjoy popularity on the used guns market. The cooey line of rifles and shotties are the highest selling guns in Canadian history.

Where to buy

we will sell cooey rifles. They are all used since they havent been manufactured since the 1960, but we will have a pile of them in our used guns section. Just about every house in Canada has one of these damn things at some point.


cooey shotgun (sorry fot eh size of the image)

cooey single shot shotgun

A couple of cooey rifles (rimfire)

canadian cooey from World war

Cooey Rifles

Coeey made a whole host of rimfire 22 rifles in their day. They are one of the more utilitarian guns on the canadian market with virtually no collector valyue.. That being ssaid, they are pretty dependable little 22s

Below is a full list of Cooeys. We will be putting up values for each of them ASAP and hopefully listing them for sale if we have em.

Shortlist of Cooey Shotguns

Cooey rifles were often sold in Canadian department stores like Eatons. They made some very utilitarian firearms and if you can find one very cheap, they can get the job done for you. The author has a Cooey Ranger that can shoot 22LR, 22 Short, 22 Long with a high degree of short range accuracy.


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