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Steyr AUG Rifle in Canada

The Steyr AUG is an Austrian made unorthodox looking, selective fire assault rifle that has gained worldwide popularity and notoriety. It is the main battle rifle of the Australian Army.
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Country of Origin: Austria
Countries of Manufacture:
: 5.56mm

Fire Type: Semi-Automatic
Legal Classification*:


The AUG is known for its unique bull-pup appearance with a foregrip and a trigger group that is forward on the rifle. The long barrel combined with a forward trigger gives it the accuracy of a longer gun and the manuevaerability of a sub machinegun. Its space aged appearance has made it popular in films and video games.

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We will be not be offering the AUG for sale in Canada. Due to it's controlled status and prohibited nature. We may offer it as an airsoft gun however.



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