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Ruger m77 Rifle In Canada

The Ruger M77 is a centerfire bolt action rifle styled after the Mauser k98. It was released in e 60s in an attempt to modernize the mauser design.

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Country of Origin: USA
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
30-30 .35 Remington
Fire Type:
Lever Action
Legal Classification*:


Since the intial release, this gun has undergone two major variant revisions. The Mark II and most recently the Hawkeye as it is now marketed. Many shooters swear by this firearm as one of the most accurate Mauser reproductions on the market.

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The Ruger 77 will be for sale here. It is one of our favorite guns and we will most assuredly be marketing it to the Canadian populace. As a dealer of this firearm, we will buy used versions and resell them to you.

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