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Mossberg Maverick 817 Bolt Rifle Canada

Hunters of Canada! Behold the rifle of your dreams, the Mossberg Maverick 817 Bolt Rifle! This gun features power unlike any other through its 21-inch barrel and recessed muzzle crown. Not only that, this baby is dead accurate!

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There is a Weaver-style scope attachment so that should the hunter decide to take out long distance targets, he can easily and comfortably install a scope and lock on to his target, whether that be an elk or a rabbit.

To add to your adrenalin-filled excitement, the rifle can come in blued or chrome brush finish and a detachable five-round magazine should you have a multitude of fast moving targets. Furthermore, the gun offers a one year limited warranty. So, considering that you did not intentionally destroy the 4x4, then the company will replace the rifle for your satisfaction.
You can buy the Mossberg 4x4 Bolt Action rifle in all major gunsmith stores in the country.