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Marlin XL 7

Marlin XL 7 is a centre fire Bolt Action Rifle produced by Marlin Firearms.  The rifle has a 22 inch barrel and supports 25-06 Remington, 270 Winchester and 30-06 Spr cartridges. The XL 7 uses Marlin’s innovative Pro-Fire Trigger System which ensures excellent results all around. With a light weight synthetic stock and Soft-Tech Recoil Pad, the CL 7 is quite comfortable hunting rifle.  


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We hope to stock this firearm in the future. It is tough to stock, but we would love to offer it.

For sale

In today’s competitive market the XL 7 gives the buyers an extremely efficient gun at a very reasonable and fair price. Marlin’s XL 7 will be available for sale at our store soon.