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HK MR308

The HK MR308, one of the many products of German ingenuity.  Developed by firearms manufacturer Heckler and Koch, it is being exported for civilian use all throughout the world, especially in Canada and the US.

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The semi automatic HK MR308 uses the HK propriety gas piston operating system which is globally recognized to be very efficient and ultra reliable. These features, along with several others, are the key features why this gun is very commonly used by civilians and by law enforcement officers as well. Another variant of the HK MK series, the 416, has also made its way to the North American market where people buy and use the rifle for self defense and for hunting big game.

Fortunately for its North American fans, Heckler and Koch will establish a factory in order to easily deliver its goods to its big US and Canadian markets. However, they had to make some modifications to comply with US and Canada laws.