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CZ 858 Tacical Rifles for Sale

The CZ 858 Tactical rifle is a semi-automatic long barelled version of the Vz. 58 developed specifically for the Canadian market (to ensure that it is non-restricted). It is made in the Czech republic and is extremely popular in Canada.
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Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
Czech Republic
7.62x39mm M43
Fire Type:
Legal Classification*:

One of the more distinctive things about this gun is its resemblance to the Ak-47. Some unitiated consider it the legal version of the AK in Canada. There are many differences between the rifles, but it may be the closest thing you can purchase.

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We will be offering this very popular gun for sale on this website as soon as we are able to. Be sure to bookmark this firearms website and check back often. We hope to be selling it soon!


It's similarity to the AK-47 is apparent in this image.

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